Mildeep is a Newbie Event Pet, and can only be obtained by hatching the Mysterious Egg given as a reward for defeating Kirab for the first time. Mildeep is a Psychic series pet.


"What the hell is this? Have you ever seen it before?"


Mildeep looks like a sheep with purple wool and something similar to that of a dog's collar with a bell.

Basic InfoEdit

Entry Grade Habitat Primary Attribute Secondary Attribute Evolution
255 B Newbie event pet, Spore Forest Psychic Common Evolves to Unicorn at Lvl. 38 using Essence Pearl


Duration Pet Feed Cost Fast Hatch Cost
1 Day Medium Nutrient 100 Gold 200 Crystals

Starting StatsEdit

HP Speed Attack Defence Magic Resist
257 44 43 44 45 43


  • Willpower
  • Auraflash
  • Overshield
  • Heal
  • Supply


  • Mildeep is obtained by hatching a Mysterious Egg, or some call it Alpaca's Egg.
  • The Mysterious Egg is obtained by defeating Kirab for the first time in Meteor Lake.
  • It is also obtainable through exchange and Alliance Market.